MR19 Porsche “Peyotl” one-of-one

"El espinazo del Diablo"

The Peyote is a hallucinogenic cactus that grows along “El espinazo del diablo”: the column of the Devil.


This famous route taken by the Carrera Panamericana, a Mexican speed race, could not find a better companion than the Peyote. Consuming the Peyote opens the door to in-between worlds, reminds us of psychedelic delusions interspersed with hallucinations and colorful flashes,the journey promises adrenaline and imaginative madness.


Its pink flower mirrors the vision it provokes, which flowered after 30 years spent in the desert exploding all the decadence of the Peyotl and delivering its ultimate shoot.

The hatching


From slippery floors to the most extreme conditions, MR19 Peyotl adapts and brings excitement to any terrain.


She waited until her thirtieth year — like the flower of the cactus — to hatch while passing through the hands of Machine Revival and become MR19 Peyotl.

The crazy getaway


With its four-wheel drive and underbody protections, this atypical and adventurous version of the 911 is ready for any ride or automotive challenge.


Its unique interior in fuchsia pink leather with the image of the Peyote flower is not a mirage.


Beware, driving MR19 Peyotl carries a high risk of addiction …

Technical sheet


Brand: Porsche

Base model: 964 carrera 4

Year: 1989

Engine capacity: 3.6

Horsepower: 290cv

Weight: 1 190 kg

Transmission: Manual

Creation year: 2019

Materials: Leather,Carbon & Aluminium

Ideal use: Strolls & Leisure