Customs Warehouse

The Carsafe Monaco is proud to offer a unique customs warehouse service for imported vehicles, making it the only provider of this service in Monaco. The service allows clients to securely store their vehicles while awaiting customs clearance, providing a safe and reliable solution for vehicle importers facing various challenges when importing vehicles to a new country.

By offering a customs warehouse service, The Carsafe Monaco provides a secure location for vehicles that may not yet be authorized for circulation on the local roads, either due to customs or regulatory issues. The warehouse is fully equipped with state-of-the-art security systems and monitored 24/7, ensuring that vehicles are protected against theft and damage.

In addition, The Carsafe Monaco’s customs warehouse service includes a Temporary Admission procedure that allows clients to temporarily take their vehicles out of the warehouse for limited periods. This can be especially useful for importers who need to carry out testing or modifications on their vehicles, or who want to showcase their vehicles to potential buyers before completing the import process.

Moreover, the customs warehouse service allows importers to carry out necessary work on their vehicles before they are authorized for circulation on local roads. This may include retrofitting vehicles to meet local regulatory standards, as well as preparing vehicles for sale to local customers. Importers can also use the customs warehouse service to temporarily store their vehicles before deciding on their final destination or buyer.

In summary, The Carsafe Monaco’s customs warehouse service offers a unique and valuable solution for vehicle importers in Monaco. By providing a secure location for vehicles, the ability to carry out necessary work on them, and the flexibility of Temporary Admission, The Carsafe Monaco adds significant value to its clients and helps to facilitate the import process.