Simulator for F1 Drivers & Enthusiasts

The Carsafe Monaco team has been more than happy to welcome RS Simulator staff for an exclusive photo shooting with F1 Driver Pierre Gasly

Originally, RS Simulation is a professional simulation company that offers services solely to racing drivers and racing teams. In the professional department of RS Simulation Monaco, the main focus is to deliver the most accurate feedback to the driver with components as close as possible to those used in the racing world or even actual racing parts.


Based on years of experience at the highest racing level, RS Simulation and Formula 1 driver Pierre Gasly have collaborated to create a compact, semi professional, yet plug and play simulator: Sector One. « The ultimate simulator that gathers together luxury and cutting-edge racing technologies available on the market ».


From pure racing preparation, to private events or home luxurious toys, RS Simulation now offers unique simulation solutions to suit your needs. From the seat leathers, the carbon colors, the screen sizes and all other features, our team of experts will realize your dream tailor-made simulator that will perfectly fit your place!


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