Ferrari Roma Vs 330 GTC

Behind the Scene

The Carsafe has been invited on the 2021 Ferrari Roma marketing trailer making of. However, please don’t think that we became that famous to be called by the Prancing Horse corp 😉 We were attending this great event as we’ve been asked to bring in a fantastic and yet quite rare Ferrari 330 GTC owned by one our most charismatic car collectors.

It seems that Ferrari wanted to show what past and present have in common… Difficult to find out looking at both cars, but if one looks a bit closer, there’s a lot!

The stage has taken place in a breathtaking setting. For this special occasion, the mythical Monaco-based Riva storage tunnel has opened its doors to Maranello’s “pur-sang”.

A fantastic experience with a less exciting ending on our side… headlights were required for the shooting to be successful… and jump starter was needed for us to drive the old beauty back to our facilities…