Ferrari 2022: F1 colors available to spec new cars

There’s exciting news for anyone out there preparing to buy a new Ferrari. The colour Rosso F1-75 Opaco from the 2022 season Formula One car is now available as a choice for the exterior hue on the brand’s entire range of road-going models. Your Roma or 296 GTB could share a shade with what Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz Jr. race on Sunday.

If you want to see what Rosso F1-75 Opaco looks like on your favourite Ferrari, the company already has the shade available to preview on its configurator. Compared to the classic Rosso Corso, this colour is darker. Also, it has a satin finish, rather than being glossy.

Ferrari is currently teasing the release of the Purosangue crossover for later this year. The company isn’t saying whether Rosso F1-75 Opaco is available on that model.

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