Ferrari: the body that changes colour

Ferrari is famous for its red but tastes change like fashions and so over the years, the Ferraris have changed colour, following customer requests, becoming more and more colourful, thanks also to the “Tailor-Made” customization department. And from here comes the new special colour called “Verde Volterra”, created to celebrate 10 years of the Ferrari Cavalcade, a tour dedicated to Maranello customers. And this time it’s more special than ever.


Simply calling it “colour” diminishes its nature: it is in fact a sort of gradient which, depending on the angle from which you look, changes colour passing from dark orange to green, with many different shades. Thus, was born a sort of chameleon-like Ferrari, which continuously changes its appearance with the light that changes its hue, giving a sensation of movement and “life” even when the car is parked.

At Ferrari, they say that the shades are inspired by the “deep greens and earthy tones” of Tuscany, the setting for the 2013 Ferrari Cavalcade. Where the orange and green gradients mix, the Ferrari 812 Competizione takes on almost a golden hue, while the elements in unpainted carbon fiber help to attenuate the play of colours, “breaking up” the change of ton.

Source: Motor1