Ferrari 296 GTB

You Can Now Build Your Dream Ferrari 296 GTB Using This Configurator ToolJust in case you have a spare $300,000 lying around.

It’s only been a few weeks since Ferrari announced the 296 GTB, but you can already create your very own version of the new hybrid supercar.


The Prancing Horse has just unveiled a new configurator tool that lets prospective owners—and wannabes with an internet connection—build a bespoke GTB and customize it to the nth degree.

The new four-wheeler is expected to roll out in 2022. The GTB, which stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta, signals a new era for the Italian marque as it moves further toward sustainability with smaller-displacement engines and electrification.


The sleek hybrid ride will be fitted with a turbocharged V-6 and an electric motor. Together, this setup churns out 818 hp, which is sent to the rear wheels through an eight-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. The car can also run purely on electricity taken from the 7.45-kWh battery. It will offer a range of approximately 15 miles on a full charge in the all-electric mode.


Naturally, the compact ride features beautiful bodywork that’s synonymous with Ferrari along with an elegant, minimal interior. You get to tailor both to your personal taste with the new configurator tool that has boundless options to play with.


The first thing you must decide is whether you build a standard GTB (above) or equip the Assetto Fiorano pack (top). If you opt for the latter, the car will be upgraded with adjustable shocks, a Lexan rear screen, a 250 LM livery in yellow or white and carbon-fiber accents throughout.

Next, you have free rein to tweak everything from the exterior paint and bodywork to the wheels and calipers. You can also experiment with the interior details all the way down to the carpets. If you find there’s something you can’t customize with the tool, Ferrari notes that you can contact a dealer to create something bespoke.


As for how much your custom design will cost? It’s rumored that the standard Ferrari 296 GTB will start at $321,400 while adding the Assetto Fiorano trim will increase the price to $360,900. (Ferrari did not immediately respond to Robb Report‘s request for comment regarding pricing.) Of course, it all depends just how much fun you have customizing.

Source: Robb Report