The Carsafe is at the Elégance et Automobile à Monte-Carlo.

The Carsafe Monaco was presented at this year’s “Elégance et Automobile à Monte-Carlo” with one of our clients and friends.

The very rare 1956 Mercedes Benz 300Sc was restored 30 years ago, she has been kept in wonderful conditions by her owner thanks to the regular care provided over the years.

On the right Mr Fred, the owner and important car collector, with Frederic Rondinelli,
The Carsafe Monaco Managing Director.

The 300 Sc (W188) appeared in 1955, featuring upgrades to both its engine and suspension. Following the high-performance 300SL Gullwing’s lead a year earlier, the Sc’s inline-six received a version of its mechanical direct fuel-injection, which delivered a slightly detuned 175 PS (129 kW; 173 hp) at 5400 rpm. Mercedes-Benz’s “low-pivot” independent suspension was fitted in the rear. Only a pair of chrome strips on either side of the hood visually distinguished it from its precursor.

Just 200 fuel injected 300 Sc models were produced, following the 500 carburetted versions of the 300S, and of the 200 Einspritzmotor (fuel injected motor) cars produced, 98 were coupes, 49 were cabriolets and 53 were roadsters. 

One of the major visual difference’s is that the injected cars have chrome bumpers as in the photo whereas the earlier cars had rubber strips mounted to the bumpers for protection.

 The Einspritzmotor sign is mounted on the rear bumper in the 200 cars and this particular aesthetically ‘balanced’ coupe is one of only 98 manufactured in the world in coupe form.

Managing Director of The Carsafe Monaco – Frederic Rondinelli

Elégance et Automobile à Monte-Carlo is also the result of an alliance of competences, between designers of the greatest automotive brands and stylists for the most prestigious fashion leaders. Something that the whole world has been dreaming about, for decades, and a beautiful story which is far from over!

After the Elégance Parade on the place du Casino de Monte-Carlo, the 47 cars joined the place du Palais Princier for the Prize Giving Ceremony. The jury designated a winner in each of the 9 categories and awarded a Jury special prize. The competitors were congratulated by H.R.H The Princess Charlène and were later welcomed at the Prince’s Palace. Elégance et Automobile à Monte-Carlo ended on this festive touch.

Here are the complet results of Elégance et Automobile à Monte-Carlo

Category Plein Soleil – Coupe de S.A.S Le Prince Souverain
Car N° 1 – MERCEDES 28/95 PHAETON  – 1914/1916 – Anke RUECKWARTH

Category Route et Circuit – Coupe S.A.S Le Prince Souverain

Category Dans le Vent – Coupe de S.A.S Le Prince Souverain

Category Bella Macchina – Coupe de S.A.S Le Prince Souverain
Car N°23 – ALFA ROMEO 8C 2900 B COUPE – 1937 – David SYDORICK

Category Grandes Routières – Coupe de S.A.S Le Prince Souverain
Voiture N°30 – TABLOT LAGO T150C SS COUPE – 1939 –THE HON. Sir Michael KADOORIE

Category Dolce Vita – Coupe de S.A.S Le Prince Souverain
Car N°35 – SIATA 208 S SPYDER – 1954 – Marc BEHAEGEL

Category Vitesse – Coupe de S.A.S Le Prince Souverain
Car N°40 – MCLAREN F1 – 1996 – Roald GOETHE

Category Solitaires – Coupe de S.A.S Le Prince Souverain
Car N°44 – FERRARI MYTHOS – 1989 – Shiro KOSAKA

Category Princes, Princesses et Chefs d’Etats – Coupe de S.A.S Le Prince Souverain
Car N°45 – STOUT SCARAB – 1936 – Lawrence SMITH

Prix spécial du Jury
Car N°43 – LANCIA STRATOS ZERO – 1970 – Phillip SAROFIM

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