Frederic Rondinelli, Managing Director of The Carsafe Monaco, announced that the company has added an additional storage facility to support the continued growth of their business. The new storage facility will be located in the vicinity of the Odeon in the heart of Monaco and will open on 1 December 2018 after extensive renovations. 


“Our expansion has been so exciting and acquiring this additional facility is critical to continue to support that growth,” said Mr. Rondinelli. “With assistance of my dedicated team and some excellent vendors, we have located and outfitted a  space that will truly reflect the core values of our company on which we have built our client’s trust in caring for their precious vehicles and car collections.”


Adding an additional storage facility in the heart of Monaco was a priority for the Carsafe as Monaco residents and frequent visitors are continually searching for the security of Monaco based storage for their super and hypercar collections. With residential parking becoming increasingly scarce, even a family with 2+ vehicles has come to rely on longer-term storage solutions.


“Priorities for new facility development include a secure private parking floor in a residential building. This space even has a private car lift to take the vehicle directly to the secure floor. No one but our staff may access the floor as entry is only accessible using coded electronic badges.“


Mr. Rondinelli further remarked, “The new facility has undergone extensive renovations with the installation of additional CCTV security, commercial grade electric outlets for each car, and LED lighting to replace the former Neon lights.” “In this space both the temperature and humidity are stable and checked daily” added Mr. Rondinelli.


The Carsafe is currently accepting reservations for the new space. If you would like to book or have any questions please contact us at, we’d love to be of service.