The radical Apollo IE supercar is finally headed for production

With a bunch of adjustments made to the prototype from two years ago, the IE will allegedly be worth US$2.7 million—and is already sold out

Supercar startup Apollo has just given us an update on its forthcoming vehicle, the Apollo IE (a.k.a. the Apollo Intensa Emozione).

The brand confirms it has linked up with HWA AG and Capricorn Group to produce this successor to the Gumpert Apollo, but with a number of updates from the prototype it introduced back in 2017.

The Apollo IE rides on an all-new first-of-its-kind 100-per-cent carbon-fibre production chassis that has been developed by HWA, a company that has helped build icons like the Mercedes-Benz CLK-GTR.

The mono-cell structure is said to improve safety and torsional rigidity, reduce weight and remove the need for a roll cage altogether.

Apollo’s GM and CMO Ryan Berris tells Motor Authority the choice to redevelop the chassis was made to “make certain that [the company] adhered to the highest safety standards that are at the cutting edge of technology and would permit use in future applications, leaving the door open for potential competition participation.”

This “competition participation” would likely be in the World Endurance Championship’s brand-new Hypercar class.

Other noticeable differences from the prototype include the car’s aerodynamics, as well as the cooling systems associated with the engine bay and brakes.

The engine is a 6.3-litre V12 with a stable of 780 horses.

While you wait for more details to emerge, check out the above video of an Apollo IE drifting around a track in Bahrain alongside some of the world’s most ridiculously cool cars.

by COLEMAN MOLNAR   for Driving | APRIL 17, 2019